Bringing Games to Live


Bringing Games to Live


Bringing Games to Live

We’re reimagining publishing for living games.
We believe in the power of games as living experiences and that to successfully scale a game, the focus must be on getting more players, doing more things, more often, for longer.
LiveOps + Publishing + UA
We get involved early

We help you to focus on what will get your game the best chance of success, and we provide support, whether it’s monetisation and economy design, to retention, market testing or data, as well as LiveOps. We even provide a free review for your game without any commitment.

Flexible approach

We know there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to developing, launching and scaling your game, so you can choose the combination that works for you, from LiveOps, Publishing and User Acquisition. Or if you just need help with a specific challenge you’re facing getting your game market ready, we can help that way too.

It’s a partnership

Our terms are transparent, and you know what we’re committing to when you sign up – we even made our standard Heads of Terms available publicly. We use data-driven decision making and make decisions together to agree what works for the game. You keep your IP and vision for the game, we just help you to commercialise it as effectively as possible. 

Want to know more? As part of our commitment to transparency, we’ve made our standard terms public, for LiveOps, publishing & UA, in our Heads of Terms document.

Heads of Terms
FREE Game Review

Based on your playable (and any other materials) we review your game and make an assessment of its commercial potential, including high level recommendations on market fit, game mechanic, retention and monetisation. We deliver a written review for you to keep.

Chance to Win a FREE Workshop

For the best indie game submission each month, we offer a 1-hour workshop, following your free game review, to give deeper insight into your game and answer any questions you may have. Topics include strategic direction, market fit, game mechanic, retention design, monetisation design and general Q&A.

Bringing Games to Live

We work with game developers early so we give them the best possible start for a successful launch. Our unique KPI-led approach at each stage to ensure we can grow your game to its maximum potential. This means using real data to reduce subjectivity and focus on what works for real players but also tapping into our deep understanding of both the games and player lifecycles. This way we partner with you to bring your game to live and deliver the additional value that comes from living experiences that stand-along projects miss out on.


We run the live operations for your game, and help you get your game ready for live. When we talk about live operations, we mean the player experience, from events and promotions, to content and feature releases, and community engagement. You focus on creating features and content.


We provide marketing and distribution functions for your game. This includes game store setup and optimisation, social media marketing, PR, creative campaigns, marketing materials and establishing platform relationships. You focus on making the game.

User Acquisition

We provide test-driven user acquisition to scale your game.This includes managing the whole process, from CPI and A/B testing campaign materials, target segmentation, social media integration, optimisation of ad spend, and importantly, funding of both UA testing and scaling.