Fundamentally Games works with developers and publishers to deliver successful Games as a Service, through Live Operations.

We provide LiveOps-as-a-Service, focusing on players and your game’s community, including events, promotions, content and features, leading to growth in long-term retention, monetisation and ultimately, revenue.

Through our other services, we support developers and organisations at early stages of their game development journey, with games-as-a-service (GAAS) design, monetisation, retention, production, business and game strategy, community and marketing strategy, user testing, user acquisition (UA), publishing and funding.

We believe in the power of games as living experiences and that to successfully scale a game, the focus must be on getting more players, doing more things, more often, for longer …and we literally wrote the book on the subject.

Inspiring and supporting great games matter to us. You can find our free knowledge base with articles and resources including our financer list and event directory on this website. We also do regular free webinars, please sign up to our newsletter to get early notification about what’s coming up.

DevOps Setup & Support

  • Review backend set-up

  • Define game settings access for the LiveOps team

  • Game design recommendations

  • Data capture requirements

LiveOps Setup & Support

  • Test, release and deployment processes

  • Content and feature pipeline processes

  • Testing of LiveOps activities

LiveOps Scheduling

  • Game and monetisation design for events, content and features

  • Production scope and prioritisation

  • Program of scheduled activities and communications

LiveOps Delivery

  • Release, test, monitor new content and features

  • Managing scheduled events & promotions

  • Data and sentiment analysis

  • Optional: Community management

For small to medium size developers

Work with us to get expert insight and support, and to grow and scale your game over the long term in a risk-sharing partnership where you retain the IP and control of your game.

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For publishers

Maximise the long-term profitability of your portfolio of games, working with team who draw on decades of industry experience to deliver a reliable and effective service.

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Peace of mind that your game can reach its full potential

A game needs to maximise the longevity and engagement of players to reach its full potential. Running a game as a service means turning your game into a true living game. Fundamentally Games draws on decades of experience to provide you with the expertise, resource and recommendations to help you achieve and exceed your goals.

Get more players

Getting players to your game is critical to your success, but more important is getting the right players. Smart implementation of user acquisition strategies but this isn’t just a question of targeting. We must also focus on authenticity, community and empowering players to encourage word of mouth – the single most vital component for the success of your game.

Doing more things

The fastest way to scale your game is to get your existing players to do more things. Regular, predictable and frequent activity encourages greater engagement of players as well as providing more opportunities to offer rewards and revenue-generating elements. There is a direction correlation between frequency of play and commercial success of your game.

More often

Getting players to return to your game more frequently requires that you build both a sense of anticipation and unfinished business. Players need to inherently appreciate why they should choose your game to invest as part of their daily routine. Feed their sense of purpose and progression, and players will return more readily to your game.

For longer

Sustaining players for months and years, rather than days and weeks, can transform your games business. It requires a singular commitment to delivering a living game. Each player need long-term achievable goals that delight and set them up for the next activity; creating a personal narrative as part of their community. This is what only LiveOps experiences can deliver.