Powerups for
game creators


Need help to get your project off to a solid start, or need support to get your game back on track?

We offer external insight, hands on support and strategic advice to indies, established developers, publishers or investors.

Typical costs
Reports or Workshops: £3,000 - £6,000
Retainer: £3k-6k pm + 3-5% rev share
Discretionary indie discount available


Need to get your team trained up to leading edge industry standards?

We have a range of solutions including:
- Interactive workshops
- Online training materials
- Lectures
- Applied learning game
- Mentoring

Typical costs
Lectures or Workshops: £750 - £6,000
Other training: Custom
Discretionary indie discount available


If your LiveOps game is ready to go, we can provide publishing services, on a traditional revenue share basis, or as a contracted service.

We provide a full service suite of user acquisition, publishing and LiveOps, from which you can choose what works best for you.

Typical costs
Contracted: Retainer + 5% rev share
Rev share basis: 35%

Discretionary indie discount available

We specialise in.

we help through consulting, training and publishing.

We bring our LiveOps, game design and strategy expertise in ways that are relevant to your organisation, whether you’re a small indie, an established developer, publisher or investor.

LiveOps Strategy & Delivery
Data Analysis & Market Testing
Go to Market Strategy
Game Design
Business Strategy
Marketing & User Acquisition
Monetisation & Economy
Production & Operations
Community Management

Our mission is to democratise LiveOps games.

We elevate game makers to deliver games that players fall in love with, want to play long term, and evolve over time.

Like free stuff?

We provide free materials to help your team get started, AND WE LOVE TO CHAT.

Looking for help with everything from development to launch and beyond? Check out our latest articles and webinars.

Need a starting point? Our free downloadable templates cover everything from business strategies and marketing plans to creating perfect pitch decks.

Seeking funding for your project? Our financer list has a wide variety of financer types to help you find the perfect match to fund your game or company.

About us.

We are here to powerup your games

We've been helping game creators and organisations to design, deliver, commercialise, release and support games for more than a decade, and have an international reputation for our expertise related to the design and operations of LiveOps.

Who we are

Fundamentally Games is dedicated to helping bring amazing, sustainable experiences for players.

We have seen first hand what happens when you give players a reason to keep playing and investing in the games they love.

Our founders, Oscar Clark and Ella Romanos, supported by our experienced team, have decades of experience working with games teams and clients. This ranges from helping small indie teams to larger studios as well as publishers, investors, games platforms and organisations from outside games.

Our philosophy

We are driven by Curiosity, Tenacity and Transparency. We love exploring everything about games and players, and have an insatiable desire to know how we can continually improve the player experience. This is combined with a commitment to deliver the best outcome for each team we work with.

We work in true partnership, with clear transparent terms (eg. our publishing terms), where you always keep your vision and IP. These values give us the perfect mindset to deliver on our mission to help your team get more players, doing more things, more often.

How we work

We can help from concept, through development, testing, launch and scale, whether you need specific support on a single point, are looking for ongoing support, or want help training your team up with new skills.

We use data-driven decision making and make decisions together to agree what works for the game.

We know there is no ‘one size fits all’, and our flexible approach means we can work in the most effective way for you and your team.



We help developers and games in many ways, from publishing to consulting and training. Here are some of the amazing teams we’ve worked with over the last 10 years.