Fundamentally Games raises investment to bring live ops to game developers

Industry veterans Oscar Clark and Ella Romanos create new company to focus on helping teams to build their games as services

Ella Romanos   •  2 April 2020

2 APRIL 2020 LONDON – Industry veterans Oscar Clark and Ella Romanos have announced a new venture to help teams transform their titles into living games. Over the last 10 years, the use of data and service-based experiences has transformed the business of games and along with that the demands on the developer.

Developers now increasingly need a range of partners, to cover everything from market analysis, production insights, test and release processes, marketing, cross-promotion, user acquisition and launch strategies, and on top of that, they also have to manage ongoing operations, dev ops and engagement of the community once the game is live.

The Fundamentally Games founders have decades of experience in games projects, businesses and platforms. They are now going to focus on partnering with teams to deliver the scale and monetisation that only retention-based strategies can achieve.

To do this, Fundamentally Games will provide support, processes, tools and resources that can manage games in live operations. But crucially they will engage with teams early in the process to ensure the focus on efficient implementation. That means they will be working with financers, publishers and other partners to assist developers at every stage of the delivery process.

“Getting scale in games nowadays is about getting more players, doing more things, more often, for longer, and we want to help more developers achieve this,” says Oscar Clark.

“This seed investment round from Premiere Capital and Authentic Media Group will enable us to provide live operations in a partnership model with developers, which along with our mentoring, consulting and access to funding services, will give us the opportunity to get involved early and share risk on exciting projects,” says Ella Romanos.

Premiere Capital and Authentic Media Group have recently joined forces to extend their funding solutions to the video games and tech industries. Adam Betteridge of Authentic says “We are thrilled to be working with innovative companies like Fundamentally Games, who demonstrate a deep understanding of the games industry and have identified a clear need to support game developers with live operations.”

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About Fundamentally Games

Fundamentally Games Ltd was founded in 2019 by Ella Romanos and Oscar Clark. We help developers and organisations transform their games into services, working with you from concept to live ops.

Ella Romanos   •  2 April 2020