Fundamentally Games hires new Data Analyst and Marketing Manager

After a year of growth, we’ve hired two new team members to ensure we can deliver more successful campaigns and experiences!

Martin, our new Data Analyst, studied Mathematics at university where he developed a passion for data and its integration into real world applications. For his master’s thesis he reviewed how data is applied to models of wildfire spread. After graduating, he worked as a data analyst in the energy sector. Following this he decided to search for a role where he could be more involved in the journey of the data, this led to him recently joining Fundamentally Games. He has always loved the way that data has been involved in the process of creating and updating live games. With a strong desire to know the processes behind decisions in games he would always read the patch notes before playing updates; especially enjoying those that would share the data and reasoning behind the changes.Martin has always enjoyed gaming, having grown up watching his older brother play games before he could play himself. This evolved into a lifelong hobby of playing games across consoles and genres, with a preference for RPGs and anything he can sink many hours into.“I’ve always loved playing games regardless of genre or console. Some of the best friends I’ve made have been because I’ve been playing games with them. Being able to be involved in an industry that has the power to bring people together like that is super exciting!”

Ash, our new Marketing Manager, studied English at university where he developed his ability to write surveys and copy/content but shortly got into the financial services industry, while learning the basics of digital marketing as he put on small gigs which later got him scouted by a national promoter.
After six years in events, Ash developed his skills in the music industry and moving to live and album projects with artists including Lana Del Rey, Barenaked Ladies, Idles, 50 Cent, Disturbed, Kano, Meshuggah and more.
In 2020, he moved to agency-side Media Planning, honing his social based paid media skills, working on games focused campaigns including Nvidia, Logitech G, Astro, Blue, Rebellion, and Raw Fury while also consulting on further indie titles and with local small businesses.
He has a love for FPS games, heavy and progressive music, and plays guitar in an up and coming metal band while booking for RADAR Festival.
“I’m very excited to be here at Fundamentally Games. I take great pleasure in launching and sustaining products, experiences, and services and I can’t wait to do that with the wide array of games we’re working on in the background! Usually, I’m brought in to save a game, so it will be nice to be involved from the very beginning. Also, who doesn’t love to play games for a living! Still pinching myself a little.”

Ash and Martin will begin working on their first titles soon!