New Living Games Publishing Label Reveals Their Hand with Innovative New Online Card Game

LONDON 16 AUGUST 14:00: Jetpack Collective, a new Living Games publishing label, have announced their first game, PHAGEBORN from Croatian-based developer, Games Revolted.

PHAGEBORN is an innovative, free-to-play, deck-building game that adds a new dimension to strategic play. The power to control is in your hands!

Dual Lane Tactics:

Use your essence to summon your units onto the map, and energy to use skills and powers through your Avatar. But beware, your tactics will amount to nothing if you fail to choose the right lane.

Powerful Avatars:

Each turn you get to choose how your upgrade your Avatar, add more Leadership, Energy or choose to Overcharge in order to unlock more powerful actions

Embrace your Faction:

Choose your faction wisely as it will unlock different playing styles and challenges. In PHAGEBORN your decisions matter and it takes skill to win. Summon your legion! Destroy your opposition! Lead your horde to victory!

”We are extremely excited to announce the first game we will be publishing as Jetpack Collective”, says CEO, Oscar Clark. “We have been working closely with Games Revolted behind the scenes and are delighted that we can now share this news.”

“Creating a game which we think changes the rules of what you can expect from a deckbuilding title has been our passion” says Dominik Maric, Founder & CEO of Games Revolted “and we are delighted to work with Jetpack Collective to bring this to live.”

The Jetpack Collective’s mission is to connect with all of the players and make sure that they can get the best live-ops experience with great games made by passionate and talented game developers. Power To The Players.

PHAGEBORN will be available for early access on Steam from 23rd August (during Gamescom 2022), with Epic store coming soon.