Publishing needs a Fundamental Change

LiveOps Specialist Fundamentally Games now offering games publishing and UA funding

Ella Romanos   •  9 March 2021

9 MARCH 2021, LONDON – Today, Fundamentally Games is announcing their plans for a new flexible, transparent approach to publishing Living Games. Fundamentally Games’ model is to get involved early in the development process and to share some of the commercial risk with the developers.

The games industry has shifted radically over the last 10 years with Live Operations at the heart of around 78% of game revenue (according to SuperData[1]), yet too many publishers still do not understand how to help developers operate game services.

Fundamentally Games seeks to empower developers to control their own destiny and provides support and advice early in the process of developing Living Games. Their vision is to create a new kind of publisher who gets involved early to help developers get their creative vision ready for live; and then runs Live Operations.

They want to end the kind of indentured servitude that many developers fear that they will fall into when working with a Publisher and instead build lasting partnerships with clear dividing lines between ‘Making’, ‘Operating’ and ‘Marketing’ the game, freeing the development team to concentrate on their vision.

Principles of Fundamentally Games’ strategy:

Get involved early:      Helping developers to get to Live where they need it most, from data-capture and configuration, monetisation, economy design and retention strategies.

Developer keeps IP:    Developers fund their own development and retain 100% of their IP and creative control over their game.

Live Operations:           Fundamentally Games manages game readiness, market testing, distribution and launch, as well as the ongoing live operations and community management needed for scaling games-as-a-service.

Publishing:                     Fundamentally Games provides marketing and distribution functions, including campaign management, PR and store optimisation.

Funding UA:                  Fundamentally Games funds and manages the UA testing of games they sign using transparent KPIS before launch and then uses that data to fund and scale the game in live (in synergy with LiveOps activities).

Fundamentally Games are committed to helping developers get their games to the point where they have peak commercial potential before they are released. Key to this new approach is a dedication to flexible partnerships which means that the services they offer are tailored to the needs of the developer and the specific game project. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ for games or developers.

“We think it’s time for a fundamental change. Too many great games are missing out on their potential because publishers are getting involved too late to help them prepare for success; instead stepping in and grabbing value that they frankly no longer deliver. We want to change that so developers can scale effectively and sustainably.” Oscar Clark, CSO Fundamentally Games.

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Fundamentally Games Ltd was founded in 2019 to focus on bringing games to live, helping game developers with managing live operations to scale their game. Their engagement-led strategy aims to scale games faster by getting more players, doing more things, more often and for longer. Now offering publishing and UA funding with a commitment to transparency and genuine partnership with developers.

[1] SuperData Year in Review 2020

Ella Romanos   •  9 March 2021