Jetpack Collective Announces UnderKnight

New Living Games Publishing Label Gives a Thumbs Up to Action Mobile Game

LONDON 23 JANUARY 09:00 GMT: Jetpack Collective, the publishing label of Living Games team, Fundamentally Games, have announced their second game, UnderKnight: One Thumb Warrior, from Cornish developers TruePlayers.

UnderKnight is an action ‘roguelite’ adventure where you get to immerse yourself in a fantasy world, brave a multitude of unique arenas and battle hordes of fearsome enemies.

In order to progress, players will need to tap, swipe, and push to hack, slash, and dodge their way to victory! Strategy and timing are the key to defeating deadly enemies.

Build and reward your Knight with weapons, armour, and special abilities that players will collect on each successful mission.

Players will journey into the unknown and fight through swarms of a variety of monsters in procedurally generated worlds.

”UnderKnight distils the excitement of classical fighting games into a simple joyful experience, combined with collecting and upgrading new heroes and equipment. Truly a ‘Knight’ to remember!” Oscar Clark – CEO Fundamentally Games

“Jetpack collective is the perfect fit for UnderKnight and our ambition to create a living game for a broad audience. With their support we’ve been able to focus more intensely on development, ensuring UnderKnight has a long lifetime, using constant updates and events to keep our audience coming back for more.” Adrian Ruiz-Langan – CEO TruePlayers

The Jetpack Collective’s mission is to connect with all of the players and make sure that they can get the best live-ops experience with great games made by passionate and talented game developers. Power To The Players.

UnderKnight is now available for early access testing on the GooglePlay Store.

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About TruePlayers:

TruePlayers takes inspiration from console and PC games to create unique and immersive portrait format mobile games. Our team of experienced developers and designers are dedicated to bringing the best gaming experiences to mobile. We believe that mobile gaming should be just as engaging and entertaining as traditional gaming platforms, and we strive to deliver that experience with every game we create. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual player, our games have something everyone can enjoy.

About Jetpack Collective: We are the Jetpack Collective.

We publish games that keep on giving, that you fall in love with over and over again.

We believe in games that ignite the imagination, sustains meaningful stories that we all want to share and that evolves with all its players.

We elevate game makers who care about what players think, say, feel and do.

Power to the Players.

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Jetpack Collective are the publishing label for Living Games Publisher Fundamentally Games