What is LiveOps as a Service?

The biggest factor affecting profitability in your game is the long-term retention and engagement of your players.

Living games, through live operations, focus on delivering more players, doing more things, more often, for longer, but not every team has the skills, experience and resources to deliver this effectively. Fundamentally Games delivers effective, scalable, LiveOps-as-a-Service so that developers and publishers can focus on their core areas of expertise.

LiveOps as a Service is a partnership where we work with you on your game, to deliver the best possible and sustainable experience for your players. With our approach, the developer focuses on the game content and features, the (self) publisher focuses on the user acquisition, marketing and distribution, and Fundamentally Games deliver the ongoing community and commercial activities.

It’s not ‘one size fits all’

Every development team is different and every game is different. Our approach assumes that each team has different requirements in terms of the support they want, the resource they need, and how they want to work with a partner. We have a suite of services that we customise to your requirements.

Fees based on revenue

We are working directly on building the ongoing implementation of your game, and believe it’s important that we share in the risk with you. As a result, we take a fee that scales with the revenue of your game and ensures that we are fundamentally motivated in delivering greater success for all the teams involved.

It’s your game, and your IP

We never take any claim over your IP, and we always work on the basis that it’s your game, not ours. We will provide data, insight and expertise to inform your ongoing development strategy in ways we believe will enhance the player experience and commercial success. While we’re delivering activity, the decision making is never taken away from you.

DevOps Setup & Support

Early in development, it’s vital that you consider the technical, game and data capture requirements that you will later rely on in LiveOps, and how they be managed in live. Whatever stage you’re at, we provide advice and support through workshops and reports to make sure that you understand the requirements specific to your game. We also provide ongoing support, so that your team are prepared for the transition from development, to test, to live.

Review backend set-up

Advice and support on defining and implementing the backend services that will be required in order to run LiveOps effectively for the game.

Define game settings access for the LiveOps team

Advice and support on defining and implementing the backend services that will be required in order to run LiveOps effectively for the game.

Game design recommendations

Advice and support on implementing requirements within the game itself in order to be able to run LiveOps effectively for the game.

Data capture requirements

Advice and support defining and implementing data capture and reporting processes and requirements, including, but not limited to, gameplay data, cohort analysis of user acquisition, revenue-based data, social marketing impact data, DevOps monitoring data.

LiveOps Setup & Support

Every developer knows that they need to test the game as early as possible. However, that testing often ignores the ongoing operating and commercial aspects of their business. In order to deliver LiveOps effectively, it’s important to incorporate this throughout your testing and release cycles. We provide LiveOps setup and support services, through workshops and reports, to ensure that you are ready to take your game into live. We also provide ongoing support so that your team are prepared for the transition from development to live.

Test, release and deployment processes

Advice and support on defining and implementing test and release process cycles, e.g. closed beta, open beta, soft launch, and live.

Content and feature pipeline processes

We will suggest types and frequency of a selection of potential live operation activities, for example events, promotions and community activities.

Testing of LiveOps Activities

We will work with you to create systems and processes to manage the deployment of content and features from dev team into staging and live server environments.

LiveOps Scheduling

LiveOps is a marathon not a sprint. In order to sustain the anticipation and satisfaction required by players continually, it’s vital to think in pipelines. We engage our production and game design analysis team, to provide a series of activities with different cadences, through our unique scheduling process. These enable a sustainable delivery of regular player events, promotions, content releases and feature releases. They also inform, through data and user sentiment analysis, recommendations for future activity and development.

Game and monetisation design for events, content and features

We will create designs for live operations activities, for examples events, promotions and community activities running typically 1 month ahead (rolling).

Production scope and prioritisation

We will analyse gameplay data and community feedback (where available) to prioritise content and feature requirements.

Program of scheduled activities and communications

We will create a program of scheduled activities, based on an agreed cadence (e.g. daily, weekly monthly) which can be delivered based on the content and features available.

LiveOps Delivery

LiveOps delivery is the heart of Fundamentally Games. We take the schedule and provide the resources to make the experience real for players. Our community admin team setup pre-tested activities, including events, promotions, content and feature releases, each day. They also communicate those activities to the community and foreshadow what’s coming in the future through in-game messaging and social media.

Release, test, monitor new content and features

Implement pre-release testing process in staging or live server environments and run a beta test process for key activities. Activate the live operations activities, for examples events, promotions and community activities, according to the schedule.

Managing scheduled events and promotions

Work with developer on the planning, design and testing of new features and content; incorporating audience feedback, data analysis into the plans and schedules (and alongside other marketing activity).

Data and sentiment analysis

Proactively monitor the player engagement with live operations events, communicating as required as well as responding to problems as they arise. Also provide promotional messaging in game and through social media, working with developer community managers where available.

Optional: Community management

We can provide expert community managers who are well versed in delivering the tone of voice, authenticity and engagement required for your game. They will manage scheduled in-game and social media messaging as well as the adhoc TLC needed for any games audience or if you prefer work directly with your own team.