What are games for training?

We apply the power of games to learning and engagement to help corporations deliver innovative digital training. We have a unique focus on using games and game design thinking to deliver blended learning solutions to globally distributed audiences.

We collaborate with learning experts to deliver solutions that build real understanding of the learning materials, reinforce core messages, and provide a safe space to be able to test the application of that knowledge.

Our solutions provide real-time measurable performance results and continuous learning through bite-size, engaging content that fits into a learner’s work day.

What can we help with?

We can advise on strategy, or work with you to deliver solutions.

In collaboration with the game learning experts Undercover Learning Games (UCL), we work with you to find a learning strategy that has the goal of translating your organisation’s business objectives into learning game outcomes. You can learn more about Undercover Learning Games solutions here.

WORKSHOPS: Strategy workshop to understand the best way to deliver against the organisation’s goals, utilising games or game design thinking, which taps into motivational psychology to deliver behaviour change.

DELIVERY: Design, delivery and ongoing support of digital training tools.


PMI is currently going through a transformation, transitioning to a smoke-free future. We worked with PMI to help train their global teams in a customer-centric approach. PMI is the 10th largest company in the world, with staff of 75,000 worldwide.

We were tasked to deliver an applied training game that innovates in the newest way to deliver game-based learning to increase effectiveness of training, cost effectively. Our goals were to:

  • deliver and reinforce key messages and understanding, through dilemma-based scenarios, to a large, globally distributed audience
  • provide a safe space for the employee to practice and receive feedback for improvement, and encourages employees to work together
  • deliver bite size content that fits into staff’s work day, providing continuous learning, on demand
  • provide measurable performance results, with real time data
  • provide a blended learning solution, working with existing learning materials and within existing e-learning platform
  • create a solution where content that the corporation can manage themselves, in multiple languages
  • deliver a secure cloud-based solution with no installation required