What are games for good?

We apply the power of games to learning and engagement. Using game design thinking, we provide an approach to support charities to understand how to connect with their audiences in meaningful ways, that allow them to communicate their message to optimise campaign design, encourage behaviour change and maximise fundraising.

What can we help with?

We offer strategy workshops and reports to understand the best way to deliver against the organisation’s goals, utilising games or game design thinking, which taps into motivational psychology to deliver behaviour change.


We worked with The Children’s Society to create two workshops which strategy address they way the look at fundraising, particularly tapping into the games audience of viewers and players, and to maximise the potential of working with existing influencers who have already shown interest in working with the charity.

Additionally we looked at how working and understanding games could support their engagement with their youth audience, to aid with the communication of messaging particularly as a vehicle to understand and create an open dialogue.

“We really valued the expertise Fundamentally Games brought to the table. As a newbie to the gaming for good arena, The Children’s Society was looking for support to explore how gaming could work both to engage new audiences for action, but also how it could be used to reach out to vulnerable young people who might not engage with traditional support services. We received such value in Oscar’s knowledge about the market, the strategy, the best practice and understanding how an organisation can apply gaming theory to their fundraising.” Kirsten Naudé, Director of New Ventures, The Children’s Society