Who do we work with?

We work with a wide range of companies, including:

Game developers: for support on a specific topic such as monetisation, funding or forecasting
Brands and IP owners: advice or support on design, production or strategy
Charities: how to use games and game theory to engage and retain your audience
Organisations: using games for a purpose such as training or education
Investors: support with due diligence or oversight

We can help from concept, through development, testing and launch with a range of services, whether you need specific support on a single point, or are looking for ongoing support.

What can we help with?

Our consulting services include Game & Monetisation Design; Production & Development; Access to Finance; Market Feasibility.

We offer three ways of working with you to deliver these services:

REPORTS: Detailed analysis of concepts, designs and performance to date with recommendations
WORKSHOPS: Directed in-person or online group sessions to deliver creative or strategic decision
DELIVERY: Direct engagement providing mentoring, overseeing or executive production

We also have a range of Partners who can provide complimentary services.

What do we charge?

We offer a discretionary indie discount of 30%, please get in touch to discuss.

Workshop* £3000
Basic Report £3000
Advanced Report £6000
Delivery Custom

* 1/2 day – up to 6 people – remote or in person / All prices subject to vat.

Game & Monetisation Design

Whether you are starting out and need production design or you need an eternal review to check and balance gameplay, we help analyse and advise on your game and monetisation design. Our process breaks the game down into layers that can be independently tested, clearly communicated to developers) and which support long term engagement as well as live operations.

Mechanics: What players do
Extensibility: What makes that fun and scalable
Context: What delivers purpose and progression
Metagame: The wider social and lifestyle factors
Monetisation: How the game delivers utility/value to players

REPORT (basic or advanced): Game Design Review
REPORT (basic or advanced): Retention & Monetisation Design Review
WORKSHOP: Monetisation & Economy Design Workshop

Production & Development

Making a game in time and to budget and still being fun requires the ability to bring together a diverse array of talent working against a commonly understood goal. Whether you are using your own team, or outsourcing to a series of freelancers brings different challenges. We can offer advice or support to help your team deliver without compromising quality.

Planning: Identifying the milestones and resources against budget and time
Resourcing: Identifying the right combination of trusted people for the project
Oversight: Tracking delivery quality against the plan and managing iteration
Testing: Coordinating Build testing, QA, Beta Test, Soft launch, etc
Release: Supporting the transition from development to Live Ops

REPORT (basic or advanced): Resourcing Gap Analysis
REPORT (basic or advanced): Budget & Production Plan Review
WORKSHOP: 360 Production Review Workshop

Access to Finance

Getting access to funding is vital for any team, whether you are starting out, in development, ready for launch or looking to scale. We understand that there are a range of options from grants to loans, equity and project finance; even specific UA funding. Depending on your needs we can offer a range of advice, services and support to help your team find the right funding options.

Preparation: We can refine your strategy and pitch prior to approaching financiers
Materials: Templates which help focus on what’s needed for each funding type
Forecasting: We can help create financial models showing ‘what success looks like’
LiveOps as a ServiceWe can provide you with the resources to accelerate your success, and potentially reduce the amount you need to raise

REPORT (basic or advanced): Funding Readiness (Pitch) Review
DELIVERY: Support applying for SEIS/EIS Advanced Assurance
DELIVERY: Financial Modelling

Market Feasibility

Everyone has an idea for a game in them. We help individuals starting out as well as established teams by providing a detailed report on the potential for the concept.  We provide an external review of their game design or pre-release build of a game using real-world data where available to ensure that they have a product fit for the market.

Personas: Who are the potential audience and their games patterns?
Analysis: Does the game concept deliver Utility/Fun for the player?
Market: Based on similar concepts, can this scale and what does success look like?
Recommendations: What are the biggest limitations, risks and mitigations?

REPORT (basic or advanced): Game Feasibility Review
REPORT (basic or advanced): Game Genre Gap Analysis
WORKSHOP: Concept Development Workshop

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