Breaking the User Acquisition Glass Ceiling

Oscar Clark   •  April 15 2021

The games industry has seen tremendous change since the introduction of Apple’s App Store in 2008, and not just on the mobile side of the market.

Since that time, we have seen a huge in the rise of the power of Games-as-a-Service on one side, but on the other we have the rise of simpler, ad-funded, hyper-casual experiences.

Under lockdown the demand for games as a whole has exploded, but for smaller, less established studios, this extra demand hasn’t trickled down, as their games are lost amid the clamouring voices of the big brands and titles.

Too many developers reach a glass ceiling that prevents them for reaching their true potential.

This is because they can’t easily prove the ability of their game to make a profitable return to their investors, publishers or UA funders until after they go live.

And unfortunately, by the time they can, it may be too late to make any necessary changes as the game will have lost the impact of launch.

User Acquisition (UA) is a highly focused, no-bullshit form of marketing which is all about obtaining a direct install of your product (i.e. your game).

The trick to UA is understanding how to test and optimise your approach so that you can find and excite an audience that delivers a clear return on your advertising spend.

Oscar Clark   •  April 15 2021