We love live games


We love live games


We love live games

Fundamentally Games is dedicated to helping bring amazing, sustainable experiences for players. We have seen first hand what happens when you give players a reason to keep playing and investing in the games they love.
We are driven by two things: Curiosity and Tenacity.
We love exploring everything about games and players, and have an insatiable desire to know why and how we can continuously improve. This is combined with a stubborn commitment to deliver and the grit to realise the best outcome given the available resources. These values give us the perfect mindset to deliver on our mission to help your team get more players, doing more things, more often. 
Ella Romanos
Co-CEO & Chief Operating Officer

Since 2008 Ella has been helping build and manage games development teams and projects, having started out as a programmer and co-founding game development studio Remode as a graduate.

Prior to Fundamentally Games, Ella spent 6 years consulting with game developers, investment funds and games related organisations, and has a deep understanding of the resources, funding methods, processes and commercial considerations of taking games to market. She has been directly responsible for releasing over 50 games, and has acted as head of studio, executive producer and advisor for many organisations, most notably, Pinewood Film Advisors, Agatha Christie Ltd and Altara Games Fund.

Ella also acts as a mentor and has provided input into academia including undergraduate and masters courses across the UK, and writing content and exams for AQA exam board’s games courses. She has been twice mentioned as MCV’s UK Top 100 Women in Games, named in Develop’s ‘Top 30 under 30’ and has sat on the board of directors of UKIE, the UK trade body for games, for 5 years.

Oscar Clark
Co-CEO & Chief Strategy Officer

Oscar is a pioneer in mobile and connected games. He has been working with online games since 1998 running BT’s online games platform, Wireplay. Since then, he has been global lead for games for Hutchison Whampoa and their mobile operator Three in the UK, the most successful mobile games platform in terms of revenue per user in the world in 2005. He was also Home Architect for Sony’s Online Virtual World, PlayStation Home and evangelist for Unity Ads, one of the most successful advertising networks in games.

Prior to Fundamentally Games, he spent nearly 10 years consulting and working with a wide range of teams, most notably Unity, helping to communicate how to deliver effective monetisation, game development and live services.

He literally wrote the book “Games as a Service” which was published in 2014 by Routledge. and is sought after speaker, host, and moderator at major games industry events around the world.

Glyn Fairweather
Design Director

Glyn entered the industry at Jagex in 2011 just as the company was changing their live operations and monetisation strategies. Glyn positioned himself as an instrumental player in a breakaway team that went against orthodoxy in Runescape to design and develop new free to play mechanics and systems.

His passion for GAAS led him to Space Ape Games, where his role included end-end delivery of all Live Game features and content design on Samurai Siege. Glyn was also the LiveOps designer for FASTLANE; delivering a highly ambitious launch event and producing evergreen LiveOps content to allow the game to continue to run in live-ops mode without a designer.

He later joined social media & AR start-up LoveShark, setting out design philosophy and establishing a workshop process to deliver a stream of prototypes before working in tandem with UX designer to flesh out player experience for their platform.

Tarl Armstrong
Community Manager

Tarl started out in QA in 2007 and has been working in and around the games industry since then mainly focusing on testing and formulating workable feedback for studios while also lending a helping hand at events and getting their hands stuck in wherever they can help.

Since 2017 they have been working with small studios, streamers and other organisations to build the foundations of their communities so that they can thrive in the future. They have a solid understanding of how to build positive engagement through multiple social media platforms and importantly how to avoid online toxicity. Tarl has great experience both creating communities from scratch as well as taking existing audiences online; whether launching Kickstarter campaigns or building sustainable Discord communities for groups like BAFTA Games.

Ben Moss
Business Development & Marketing

Ben first got hooked on games through Diablo 2. His consistent interest in the gaming industry turned competitive when he kicked off a Dota 2 Tournament (Delota Tournament) event which became international participants and was sponsored by ZOWIE. He also played in the University of Nottingham’s Dota 2 and Overwatch varsity teams, balancing playing and his studies.

Taking part in Cosplay, competition and event organising helped him to understand that marketing and community participation / building  is an essential aspect of the industry. He started out studying history but switched to studying Marketing and found ways to tie together his love of games into a career, joining Fundamentally Games as his first industry role.

Elliott Clark
Video Editor

Elliott started making films with a spare camera phone aged 10 and found a talent for writing and editing video content. He was exposed to games from a very early age and taught himself to use PowerPoint to create choose-your-own path stories.

He studied Film Making at University of Sussex and uses those skills to edit video and audio content for the team, most commonly the short 30s trailers that we use at Fundamentally Games to test, launch and promote all of the games we work with. He is an aspiring writer and has been working on a series of books which play with time, space and perception mangling adventures since he was 8 years old.

Stephanie Field
Publishing Assistant

Stephanie studied Digital Art and Technology at Plymouth University and won a prize for her dissertation on AI. She has a diverse interest in games including RTS titles such as Age of Empires 2, however her interest in graphics and web development came out of applying her creativity in games like Neopets and The Sims.

Prior to joining Fundamentally Games she spent time working on developing digital art as well as physical packaging. Now she gets to combine her love for games, talent for art and methodical mindset to helping game teams prepare their titles for release. In her spare time she remains very interested in art, AI and 3D printing as well as collecting old DS/PSP and Wii games.

Pan Hui Ying (Heather)
Game Producer

Heather started out writing media report analysis in 2011 but quickly moved into Localization Project Management. She later ventured into video creation and digital marketing before joining Gumi Asia based in Singapore in 2018, spending the last 3 years as an Associate Producer working on the LiveOps for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

She brings her deep practical experience of managing challenging LiveOps processes to Fundamentally Games ensuring that every game has the best chance of success. As well as being keen on skating, cycling and exploring nature she is working on her own retro Gameboy-inspired game.

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